Weapons Class

Weapons study at Kitsune Ryu

Sensei Kevin Harris

Sensei Kevin Harris teaches traditional Japanese and Okinawan weapons at the Maybury Centre in Woking on Thursday nights from 8p.m. – 9.30p.m.

Kevin provides expert instruction in the Japanese long sword, the katana (Iai-jutsu and kenjutsu), Jo (4 ft staff), Bo (6ft staff), Sai and Tonfa. His 25 years of study is reflected in the way Kevin imparts his knowledge to students.

At the Maybury centre on Thursdays, we study either –Jutsu (martial or combative) or –do (way or path) forms, e.g jo-jutsu or jo-do. We have a friendly, open group where practice is done in the traditional way.

Weapons studied:


  • Sword (kenjutsu and Iai-jutsu/do)

  • Bo (both Japanese and Okinawan forms)

  • Jo


  • Sai

  • Tonfa

  • Nunchaku

  • Kama

The first lesson is free and students are able to borrow club weapons until they feel that the time is right to purchase their own. Kitsune ryu offers clothing, weapons and other equipment at discounted prices.